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Fashion Designer Wellta Boualaphanh was born in Rochester, NY and raised in the suburbs of Massachusetts. Wellta saw beyond the small town she grew up in and had a passion for fashion at an early age. She was inspired from fabrics her mother had from Laos, flipping through pages of fashion magazines, and books. She began sewing and creating garments at the age of 10.

Wellta moved to New York City in 2001 at the age of 18. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and received her bachelor of fine arts degree in fashion design specializing in women and children's wear. She held design positions at Kiwi and Me, Best and Company by Susie Hilfiger, Weatherproof, and interned for Tory Burch.

In early 2011 Wellta decided to return to her fashion-origins, launching a capsule collection of her label WELLTA. A womens wear line that offers unique and exclusive hand made dresses. Wellta designs timeless classic pieces for the chic modern women.

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